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Welcome to my Blog

So I want to start off by saying welcome... this is my first ever blog and its all a little new to me but I will try to do my best to post cool posts and my awesome experiences as a makeup artist and as me. Of course I will share some of my knowledge about products that I love and a lot more. Every product review I will be posting about will be real and honest opinion and truth about my own experience. But first I want to start off by telling you a little about myself and my life and my journey as a make up artist who comes from a traditional Armenian family who migrated to LA when I was 6 years old. I was raised in an enviornment where the ideal Armenian woman goes gets a degree and is trained to be a great housewife to her husband and have babies and be a great mom. Well my dream was to first live a different life with more freedom and independence and also I was always the type to never depend on anyone and to have my own. But also to one day take care of my parent and help them and support them and give them the life they didn't have because they were busy raising us and working extra hard to give us a better life . So here I am today a professional Make up artist and hair stylist aka salon owner with an amazing team of hair and makeup artists . I have worked on over 2000 faces , On women from every kind of culture, age and personality. I have worked with amazing photographers, Television , Weddings , red carpet , A list celebrities and I can keep going. The reason I am bringing up all this is to let you know I am a real professional artist because I can work in every situation and execute any kind of look from super natural to super dramatic , or editorial etc... there fore I am starting this blog to share experiences , my knowledge and tips an tricks about beauty that no one really teaches us unless we electively choose to do it

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