Beauty is power , empowerment , fun, everything you want it to be, it is the reason why I am here. The passion  for fashion and beauty lead me in this path. I have worked on over 2000 faces , different age groups , cultures and walks of life . I can say I have proudly mastered corrective beauty makeup of all aspects. I went to makeup school  to learn how to do my own makeup because I loved it so much. Today I am a professional makeup artist who has touched faces of women of all walks of life. from A list celebrities to Brides who want to look extra special on one of their most important days, Iv done television/film , Print ect... As a makeup artist its important to know the difference and be able to do every kind of makeup depending on the setting,  lighting and situation. I have mastered it all in my 14 years of experience from working at a makeup counter to a beauty school and now I am my own Boss. I can say I have answers to anything you ask about beauty.  

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